Raiding the fridge

Posted on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 @ 6:36am by Captain Neema Mar & Civilian Rin Pitt

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: Mess hall
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Rin sat alone, in his rather empty mess hall. He was doing inventory, just because he lacked something else to do really. It was early in the morning after all. "Dang. I wish I could sleep." He said.

He started a pot of coffee. Just for caffeine. As soon as he turned on the maker he heard the doors swish open.

The knowledge of the mission ahead of them had made Neema sleep uneasily the past few days, the plan was solid and if it was only her own life she would risk it without hesitation. Taking care of thousands of people directly and trillions indirectly posed somewhat of a burden on one's shoulders. Visiting the Mess Hall in times like these was one of the traits she had picked up from one of the previous Mar hosts, Jelim. Also, one of the first Captains in the Galactic Fleet's service and with a particular love for Raktajino.

As she walked into the Mess Hall she was pleased to see it was nearly empty. The Omega Lounge was always filled with people at all times and it was moments of these that she needed quiet contemplation. The Mess Hall lacking both loud music, neon lighting and real alcohol made it perfect.

Rin was livened up by the smell of fresh coffee. The urn was full, he had his favorite mug. Life was good. Heading out to a table his eyes fell on the Captain. "Couldn't sleep?" He said by way of greeting. He held up the urn. "Coffee?"

Neema smiled at the Chef, she had been somewhat surprised that Galactic Fleet Command had authorized her request for one but the surprise was pleasant. The way she figured it, the road ahead was going to be difficult enough and a Chef gave them the chance to have a non-artificial taste of home. "Just the weight of the galaxy on my shoulders. I shouldn't, but yes please" she replied.