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A Medical Check-Up

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 6:28pm by Captain Neema Mar & Lieutenant Commander Vok J'runn

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: Sickbay, USS Athena
Timeline: Mission Day 8 at 1400

While Neema never particularly had anything against physicals, she wasn't fond of them either so she usually made no particular effort to actively seek one out. Considering the nature of their mission though it probably wise to make sure she was still properly in shape and not losing her mind. As she walked into Sickbay she saw it as empty as she would hope and expect of a ship that hadn't even left drydock yet. At the end of the space she noticed a Klingon man, clearly their Chief Medical Officer going by the rank insignia.

"Commander J'runn," Neema said with a smile.

Vok turned and smiled. "Ah Captain. Good to see you. I was just finishing up getting things in order. I am still missing a few things and I may have to return to the dock and do some demanding." He chuckled warmly. "What can I do for you today?" He had an inkling that the captain wasn't just there for friendly conversation and as he stepped away from the cabinet he had been stocking, he picked up a tricorder.

Neema nodded. "Yes, rather than going for the traditional manhunt between Commanding Officer and Chief Medical Officer I figured I might as well just come over and introduce myself while also taking care of the physical," she replied somewhat jokingly.

Vok laughed heartily. "I appreciate that, Captain. You are correct. Normally, Captains must be hunted... like prey... to get them in for medical." He chuckled again. "Come... have a seat and we will see how you are." He patted a biobed close to where they were currently in hand. He flipped on the switch to turn the bed on so he could get the readings there too and not just the tricorder. "So tell me, Captain..." he said, casually. "How long have you been running fine ships such as this?"

Neema promptly sat on the biobed as instructed. "This is my first command actually," she replied with a smile. "Though not my first command experience, before this I led a Section 31 Special Intervention Unit," she added. "If I may ask a question myself. You don't very often see a Klingon doctor, what made you pursue medical over say the Rapid Response Force or Galactic Army?"

That same hearty laugh from earlier happened again and Vok grinned. "What can I say, Captain. I'm more of a lover than a fighter." He began to slowly run the tricoder close to her body. "I've always been more interested in how things work as a whole than taking them apart. A doctor does not just heal the body... and as much fun and excitement as the Rapid Response Force could be... I would miss this part of the job." He gestured around the room and then to the Captain and pointed back and forth between them to indicate their interaction. "I much prefer to work behind friendly lines rather then running across enemy lines to fetch wounded. I also enjoy the comfort of living in a relatively safe environment, versus the firing line or being transported into the next wartorn area. There are many doctors who are inspired by that kind of work, I, however, am not one of those..." He stepped to the biobed display and tapped several buttons on the screen, cycling through the readouts. "Section 31 sounds like it had the potential to be intense..."

Neema nodded. "That does make a lot of sense. As for Section 31. It definitely was intense at times, but the usual op was 10% laying the groundwork, 89% sitting around doing nothing and 1% the intense stuff when the sitting around paid off in just the perfect moment to strike. Let's just say, I got really good at chess and finished a lot of books I wanted to catch up on," she said with a joking intonation.

Vok seemed to understand her tone and chuckled. "Ah reading. I do love to read. Sometime you should recommend a book for me to read." He lowered the tricorder and leaned on the biobed on one hand. "You appear to be in good shape, Captain. Your potassium level is a little low, but I can give you an injection for that. Have you been skipping meals?" He went to a cabinet and took out a hypospray and then took a vial of supplement from another cabinet and loaded it into the hypo. "Have you had any issues? Dizzy spells? More tired than usual? How are your sleeping patterns?" He returned to the biobed, hypo in hand.

"I definitely will, Commander," Neema replied with a grin. As she listened to what he said she could definitely identify herself in the way he he described the symptoms and the cause. "Yes, with the quick transition from field ops to ship command I probably have been eating less than I should and I do feel more tired," she confessed.

The doctor leaned forward with the hypospray and injected the captain carefully. The device made a small hissing noise as it delivered the dose. "You should feel better tomorrow. Even though we put the supplement directly into your bloodstream, it will take about 24 hours to get everywhere your body might need it." He put the hypospray to the side. "And please... none of that Commander crap in my sickbay. It's Vok... or Doctor... whichever one you prefer." He grinned warmly.

"Thank you very much, Doctor. That is good to hear," Neema said. "Now, while I am here anyway, is there anything you need before we depart?"

Vok nodded. "Yes, Captain. I am still missing four crates of supplies. Some, with my own personal equipment." He frowned, but didn't look all that serious about it. "They are only missing. I checked them from my transport here, so I know they made it off the first time. They are either already onboard somewhere, or they are still in the cargo bay I originally arrived at. I would really appreciate some help locating those crates. I have their content lists and cargo numbers over here..." He set the tricoder down and headed back to the cabinet that he had been working at when she first arrived. He picked up a PADD and brought it back to her. "I'm not sure how best to go about looking? Do you have any suggestions?"

Neema nodded. "Send the data to my Ready Room. I will get the Quartermaster to take a look."

"Thank you, Captain." The Klingon grinned. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" He leaned casually against a nearby biobed. "You have a clean bill of health. I will update your file immedately."

"No, that should be all, Doctor. Thank you," Neema replied with a smile before leaving the Sickbay.


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