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Going Home

Posted on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 @ 6:35am by Captain Neema Mar & Lieutenant Commander Vok J'runn & Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner & Lieutenant Dr. Julianna Soong & Lieutenant JG Lana O'Neill & Civilian Rin Pitt & Rayna

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: Various, USS Athena
Timeline: Mission Day 10 at 2200

With the full crew on board and for all intents and purposes the Athena as ready as it was ever going to be it was now time to go where no person had gone in three hundred years. Like the Starfleet pioneers of old this was as much a voyage of discovery as it was one of war. A period of 300 years had seen humanity go from World War 3 to the head of an intergalactic superpower and had seen friends turn foes turn friends again several times. Whatever was out there in many ways could be beyond recognition. As Neema stepped onto the bridge she looked around her and felt a sense of pride. Everyone was at the top of their game and while some may have objections everyone seemed as committed as she was to going back. As she took her seat at the centre of the area she smiled shortly at her XO before turning her gaze to the viewscreen.

"All stations, status report."

Doctor Vok J'runn was sitting in his office in sickbay, going over crew medical files. He tapped his comm. "Medical is ready, Captain," he replied. He leaned back in his chair for a moment, glad that they were on their way. He was excited to find out where their journey would take them.

Rayna strode onto the bridge, pulling at the shoulders of her jumpsuit momentarily, before taking a standing station at a side console on the Bridge. Turning to Neema, she offered a polite smile, and said, "I wouldn't miss this departure for the world. My people and I are standing by to aid however we can."

Neema responded to the smile in kind. "Thank you, let's hope everything goes smoothly though and we will not need their expertise on the way there," she replied.

"All systems powered and ready to go Captain," the Ops Chief called out before his counterpart at the Conn revealed that all propulsion systems were a go.

"Message from below Captain," the blonde haired XO called from her seat. "Hangar deck reports ready and all Marine units on standby," she confirmed.

"Excellent. Operations set condition D-3-Black throughout the ship. Prepare for stealth operations. Open a channel and put it on screen," Neema gave the final pre-departure instructions.

As the viewscreen switched from displaying the footage from the surrounding universe the logo of the Fleet Admiral appeared indicating to all on the Bridge to stand at attention and redirect the feed throughout the ship. Moments later the face of the blonde El-Aurian appeared as well.

"Captain Mar, I see you are settling in," Lauren said with a smile.

"Yes, sir. The Athena is ready to depart," Neema replied.

"I am not surprised," Lauren said swiftly, before addressing the ship at large. "All of you are about to embark on the most important mission any ship has in three centuries. You are fulfilling the dreams of trillions and preparing to rid our people of occupation and oppression once and for all. No matter what happens, all of you are heroes to the Galactic Federation already. Glory to the Federation!" she spoke. "Captain, you are ordered to depart!"

As the channel closed, any doubt Neema might have still had disappeared with it. "Well, you heard the Fleet Admiral. Tactical engage interphase cloak. Helm, take us home. Transwarp," Neema said, while sitting back down again.

"It's not home to me," Juli replied quietly as she prepared some calculations for the first transwarp jump. "Home is New Dawn," she replied, somewhat louder.

"Your commentary is noted, Lieutenant. Please refrain from further on my Bridge," Neema said in the direction of their Chief Scientist.

"Transwarp engaged, Captain," came the reply from the Flight Control, finally, as the viewscreen moved from the view of New Dawn Prime to stars passing by at an incredible speed. Made all the more clear by the dimmed Bridge lights belonging to code Black operations.

"All department heads, I want hourly reports on your departments. Commander Gardner, Lieutenant Soong, Rayna, track sensor reports on Dominion activity the moment we cross into the Alpha Quadrant," Neema ordered.

As confirmations came in from the various Chiefs now it was time to wait and see what awaited them on the other side.


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