Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye

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With the final tests completed and the crew assigned, the new crew of the Athena boards the ship on their dangerous mission to return to the Alpha Quadrant and prepare for the Galactic Fleet's invasion to push the Dominion out once and for all.

Mission Group Season 1 - Homecoming
Start Date Fri Feb 8th, 2019 @ 1:15am

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Title Timeline Location
Quiet Reflection
by Captain Neema Mar
Mission Day 10 at 2000 Captain's Quarters, USS Athena
The End of the Beginning
by Captain Neema Mar & Commander Ariella Azulas & Lieutenant Commander Vok J'runn & Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner & Lieutenant Hunter Hudson & Rayna
Mission Day 10 at 1200 Central Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Athena
A Medical Check-Up
by Captain Neema Mar & Lieutenant Commander Vok J'runn
Mission Day 8 at 1400 Sickbay, USS Athena
Meeting the CO
by Captain Neema Mar & Commander Ariella Azulas
Mission Day 4 at 1500 Omega Lounge
by Captain Neema Mar & Rayna
Mission Day 3 at 0400 USS Athena
Have We Lost Ourselves
by Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner
Mission Day 2 at 1400 New Dawn
Settling In
by Captain Neema Mar
Mission Day 2 at 1200 USS Athena
Meeting the Fleet Admiral
by Captain Neema Mar & Fleet Admiral Lauren Archer
Mission Day 1 at 1200 Starbase Alpha, New Dawn System

Mission Summary