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Lieutenant Dr. Julianna Soong

Name Dr. Julianna Alexandria Soong

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

General Information

Gender Fenake
Species Cybernetic Enhanced Human/Vulcan
Age 23 (Physically)

Character Information

Height 5' 5"
Weight 113 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel/Cyan
Physical Description Julianna is built for mental ability, not for strength though her abilities are around the capabilities of a Liberated Borg. Her technology is not just from the Borg Technology her 'parents' studied, but also from their own research into the Cybernetics they have developed or stole from anyone they came across. Her body appears human except for the seams that separate her bio-synthetic components. About forty percent of her body is the original human components, and the other sixty percent was the end result of years of her parents experimentation on her. She's very high-maintenance unfortunately, as she's still trying to figure out the extend of the enhancements upon herself.

In other words, her only purpose was for experimentation, and then her parents put her back into stasis in a Regeneration pod. Unfortunately the pod is the only known way her systems can be maintained. While the Collective played a role in stabilizing much of her systems, she is not linked to the Liberated Collective.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Julianna Soong has a very dark and pessimistic personality. She considers all sides of the equation, not just the side people want her to focus on, and this has caused her problems with her relations with the Galactic Federation. While she is very pragmatic and pessamistic, and sometimes she exhibits the typical egotistical personality traits of her infamous family, she has a well rooted sense of morals due to what her sociopathic parents had done to her over many years of her life.

She has roots with the Liberated Borg Collective, even considers them the family she never had, but even when she was offered multiple times to link with them, she declined stating that they'd have to live what she went through as a child. She couldn't do that to them. While she broods and has a very dark personality, she's more of an anti-hero than a hero or a villian.

And she's not fond of the Galactic Federation drafting her into their ranks for their purposes, She sees the war with the Dominion as a petty feud that should have ended centuries ago.
Father Dr. James Soong
Mother Dr. T'Rai Soong


History Julianna Soong was made from genetic material from her parents almost around the time of the exodus to the Delta Quadrant and often as she was growing up, she was put into stasis and retrieved several time as a research specimen for her infamous parents. Dr. James and T'rai Soong. Both of these individuals were wanted by the Federation for illegal experimentation, in true fashion for the Soong family, both James and T'Rai viewed the Android made by James' relative; Noonien, as an obsolete dead-end. And the Soong's left the alpha quadrant through the Bazaran Wormhole during moments of its stability for the Delta Quadrant.

Over the years they acquired Borg and other Cybernetics to study and created cybernetics that they considered 'more elegant and less crude' than Borg Technology. They created many clones of themselves and captured many others using Hirogen mercenaries for their research, and Julianna was always placed back into stasis over the course of many years until the Bentham Guard arrested Soong and his wife and put them into Prison. They never found the lab for three hundred years. Meanwhile Julie stayed in Stasis for three centuries until the Galactic Federation found the laboratory. By then, all but one of the stasis chambers failed and they found a half-human cyborg still in stasis.

When she was revived, it was like raising a child for her adoptive parents. The Borg Collective resolved to take her in, though they did not assimilate her without her choice, but they were instrumental in allowing Julianna to live a natural life by giving doctors an understanding of what the Soong's did to her. Other than that, she learned very swiftly, but she wasn't built for combat. Contemplating the horrors done to her has given her a potent moral compass, but also has given her a dark, solitary, sarcastic, and antisocial personality. While she appreciates the collective for helping her live, she dose not want the linage of Soong madness and intelligence to tempt the Borg back to what the Collective once was.

When she was eighteen, she found herself drafted by a little known, seldom used, citizen recruitment clause by the Galactic Federation as the Science Officer onboard their flagship for, what she could only describe, was an invasion. Her views on returning to the Alpha Quadrant are radical as she has noted that 'Three hundred years is a long time to hold a grudge.' But also her pragmatic side has her saying. 'If the Federation wants another spat with the Dominion, who am I to gain-say them? I simply think that people learn wisdom from their mistakes. I won't interrupt that, as wisdom is needed.
Service Record New Dawn, Borg Enclave

University of New Dawn
Doctorates of both Physics and Astronomy
Summa Cum Laude


USS Athena
Chief Science Officer, Federation Science Division.'